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Rakish and charming, with enough tattoos to certainly qualify as a bad boy, the Maroon 5 front man has everything a girl is looking for in a bad idea. Did we mention that he can now add actor to his already impressive resume? Oh, and he looks really good in a white t-shirt. All of these reasons and then some landed Levine the May cover of Nylon Guys, and frankly it's a little hard to stop staring. Looking straight into the camera with an inscrutable look on his scruffy face, Levine poses in his signature white long sleeved henley and a pair of army green pants, his tiger tattoo prominent right below the cover line. In the accompanying interview, the singer and The Voice judge drops enough f-bombs to make a good girl blush, but he also proves himself to be pragmatic and actually kind of down to earth. When asked about rumors that Shakira makes more money than him, Levine emphatically replies, “She’s Shakira dude! She’s a f****** international superstar! I don’t care. It’s just money.” Levine has sold over 17 million records, so...pot calling international superstar black much, no? We can't lie, we're still pretty charmed, though. credit:MTV
this white shirt is sexier than naked! ;D
his signature white shirt! very sexy!
look at those arms!!
He's a good guy to put on the cover. So cute!