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Tell me who your guys favorite character from One Piece is that's a side/part time character. Mines Perona. I absolutely love her and Zoro's relationship or whatever you want to call it. Plus, my favorite One Piece scene ever is when she uses her hollow hollow on Usopp and it doesn't work because he's already negative. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
there's no way it can be anyone else then bon clay he was the funniest characters and I still think he should have been a member of luffy's crew. Him and luffy together was priceless
@UzumakiJess Everyone loves Crocodile. He's a badass.
Perona is amazing, adorable, hilarious, and one of my anime crushes. I love her so much as a character. Other than her my favorite side character is crocodile though.
I completely agree. After Impel Down and have high respect for mr 2 after everything he did to save Luffy.
Ooh I love Crocodile! @tylervann48
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