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As Kpoppers we all know how much Kpop has changed our lives. But has it really been for the better??

I mean really Kpop is the worst...with its cute guys and bias wreckers...and wonderful voices.

Who am I kidding? I'm proud to be an obsessed fangirl!! Who cares what other people think right??

Kpop has ruined my life and I'm perfectly okay with that!!! ∩_∩

@thePinkPrincess K-Pop didn't ruin my life!!!! IT MADE IT BETTER!!!!! I know you all agree with me!!!! If anything it helps me with learn a new language. It's the same if you listen to Tejano or Cumbias. It helps you learn Spanish.
KPOP did ruin my life, but it also made me look forward to the future. I have never been the type of person to look to the future. But wait for Big Bang's new songs kinda forced me to look to the future. Not just for when my biases are coming back but also in other stuff like planing for college. So it's a good bad but it makes me who I am and I'm proud to be a KPOP fangirl 💕☺️🎤
as Suga says I don't give a shit I don't give a fuck lol
Kpop made my life better ♡
Okay I'll be honest it totally destroyed me. I went from sexist to boy-obsessed... BUT it has made a more cheerful, confident person. I used to hate the thought of dancing because I thought I was total crap. But now I absolutely love learning dances and teaching them to others. Because of K-Pop I can always find a way to get rid of sadness and look to the future. So yeah, it's my lifestyle but I don't even care how much it's changed me. K-Popper and proud!
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