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Is there any real doubt that Barcelona are the best team in the world?

Without Leo Messi from the start, Barcelona cruised to a 4-0 defeat over their rivals Real Madrid on the road at Madrid's Santiago de Bernabeu on Saturday.

It was a total drubbing, with Barca controlling the entire match from the start.

Luis Suarez reminded us why he is the best striker in the world as he scored two great goals, including the first of the match after just 11 minutes. What a start it was for Barcelona.
Neymar also continued his case for being considered one of the world's top three players as he absolutely tore up Madrid down the left wing. His pace, dribbling and invention were absolutely outstanding all match long and it's getting hard to deny the idea that he might be only a half step behind Messi and Ronaldo at this point.

I love watching the Brazilian play - he has loads of energy and so much talent. He's trending up more than any plater in the world these days.

Grandpa Andres Iniesta got in on the scoring, too and played a great match overall as Barcelona's captain.

I definitely thought Barcelona had a chance at winning the match on the road but never expected Madrid to come out as flat as they did. Right from the first whistle it seemed like they had no chance.

I'm so impressed with Barca week in and week out and they just seem to be able to get it done no matter who is on the field. It's crazy to imagine that the best team in the world - now with a 6 point advantage over Madrid in the league - are only now about to get the best player in the world back and healthy again! They will be unstoppable!
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@havic What do you think is going to happen with Benitez?
I mean I did like him because I thought carlo ancelotti was doing really good and was unfairly sacked, I also believed that Benitez style is kinda iffy
@havic Yeah Ancelotti was doing pretty well. I agree. But it's so hard to manage Real much pressure
@mchlyang I think it is just the president of the club who puts all the pressure and I think if he left it would be okay and a lot of fans want him gone on
Who knew that Barcelona won