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Lets talk about Natsu Dragneel! What you like about him? Is he your favorite? Let me know in the comments! I love how Natsu can be super dumb at times but when he starts his speeches you know he's about to kick ass
I mother trucking love Natsu he's so badass and caring at the same time
I admire Natsu for his protective spirit for his friends and his power to back up that protectiveness by kicking the bad guy's butt
In the 6th picture natsu looks like Laxus with pink hair and igneels scarf
Heheh Natsu is my husbando cx <333 He can be naiive at times but it makes him sorta cute >w< He also is nice at times and I like his personality- I find it truly unique ^u^ I like how he's not a Gary stu either, I mean yes he seems to win every fight but you know he's not also the smartest, kindest, person who would never do any wrong =P He's a pretty balanced character imo ^^
Granted it seems most every anime protagonist is like that (ex. Naruto, Luffy, Kirito, etc) but that's one reason I love anime.
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