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Hey guys I'm back with my new skin routine (?) So yeah I just came back from PHILIPPINES and finally decided to update my vingle so here you gooooooooo ~~~~ In PHILIPPINES kpop and korean drama is really popular but ofcourse not all filipino are in to it so when I came back I have this straight line eyebrows and everyone is asking (why is it like that?) and when they saw my lips their like (why did you just put lipstick on the middle of your lips I don't get it) lol. for sure most of korean fans know why right? so yeah I ended up removing my make up..
You're beautiful either way so don't worry what people think.
@kelseyblair awee Thanks ☺💕
Don't worry, be yourself. I'm American and I do the same thing:)
@sehunsdeerlu YASSS not at all! 😉