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1.Overdose EXO

2. EXO

I remember just looking through YouTube and finding this amazing group called EXO! They are still my bias group to this day! I can't stop my love for them

3. Hyeri

Just look at her


I mean how can you not love him? I mean come on!!


My ultimate bias was Kai, then it was Rap monster. I didn't think anyone could replace him but Rap monster found a way

6. EXO OVERDOSE and BAP No Mercy

Damn exo is taking over this tag... Well me and my friends were doing the talent show and we decided to do exo overdose and Bap no mercy. It was fun doing both of these dances.


I love this group! Not to mention they are close to my age so I actually have a chance with them!!!
I'll tag you when I make it :) thanks for tagging me
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Thanks for the tag :) I'll definitely make a card
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