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So, since my family is big on boxing fights and today Puerto Rican, Cotto, and Mexican, Canelo, are fighting in a couple hours I decided to dedicate a card to some awesome beat-boxing skills from some K-pop idols.
Just Sit Back and Enjoy! :D


First up is BTS! I couldn't just decide on one so here are three lol
1. First video shows Jungkook with his incredible voice singing to Boyfriend & J-Hope accompanying him with his great beat-boxing skills.
2. This one is just for funzies and for laughs mostly :) Shows V being a dork and Jungkook showing off his beat-boxing skills.
3. All members joining to some beat-boxing fun!

Big Bang

Yes, we all know that Big Bang is awesome, but have you seen T.O.P, Seungri, G-Dragon, and Taeyang do a beat-box duo or quadruple (lol)?

Jackson (Got7) & Baro (B1A4)

A lot of people know about Jackson's beat-boxing but have you really paid attention to it. I mean his scratching? I have also attached two videos to this one.
1. Jackson in Roommate showing off his beat-boxing.
2. Baro and Jackson combining their skills to make a duo.

EXO (Chanyeol & D.O) - B.A.P (Bang Yong Guk & Zelo)

Can we all admire the talent these boys have! Especially, D.O I did not expect that from him...

Chen (EXO)

Wow! Chen! Really? Didn't know you had that in you!
I know a lot of the EXO members can beat-box including Lay & Baekhyun so check them out if you want to learn more about EXO's beat-boxing skills.

Kim Si Young

I had to end it with him! His skills are just the best! Way to go YG for having him in your team!
And the winner is Seungri!! Haha Just Kidding! Who was in your opinion your favorite beat-boxer? I hope you guys liked this card!

& Hope You Guys Have a Great Weekend!

I can't pick! I like them all! They do have something different and unique on how they do it. lol
kyungsoo and t.o.p are the best to me
Same here when I first saw them rap @ARMYStarlight
oh I was surprised by the exo ones... woah
Kim Si Young was DOPE!!! I think I was more surprised by V's opera belt tbh. x) I couldn't hear Chen's too well though with all the fangirling. :/ Everyone's beat boxing was fun to watch. ^_^
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