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How hype are we really for this song?
Who likes it and what do you like about it?
I don't know where to begin myself but the beat for starters is amazing.
The lyrics are just wow *Aladdin style*.
The mv was really cool and had that whole independent/top female feel to it.
it falls into the category of, I didn't hate it and I wouldn't skip it if it came on but, its not quite my cup of tea and not the CL I grew to love... just ok for me but I still love the girl
Unpopular Opinion I guess...I can't stand it. The beat was okay at first but that was about it, and I found the video obnoxious.... =/ Definitely not her best imo
it's the kind of song that is good but I'd still skip it
I was a little disappointed in the dancing :/ CL is a really good dancer but I feel like they didn't really focus on the dancing much. But the song was great! And her english is so clear. @stevieq
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