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-->PART 1 "You look so cute today. I think even more than usual." You blush at his words as he pinch your cheeks. After a fun time in the shower, Suga drove you to a café for some coffee. "Do you mind telling me we're we at the cafe again?" you ask. "Shhhhh....we're waiting for someone baby. Just sit there and enjoy some ageyo from yours truly." You laugh at his cuteness but don't let it distract you. "Come on oppa!! Who are we-?". You hear a deep voice behind you that sounds all too familiar. "That's some nice aegeyo Suga." the voice says. You turn around from the table to identify the voice. Standing right there in the cafe was TOP from Big Bang. Suga greets TOP with a hug. "How you've been hyyng?" As they get the formalities out the way you just sit there speechless. You put together that this was the "special person" Suga was talking about. TOP finally notices you and gives you a smile. "Aren't you going to introduce your friend?" Suga puts his arm over your shoulders. "TOP, this is my girlfriend Y/N. She's one of your biggest fans." You give TOP an embarrassing wave. TOP chuckles. "There's no need to be nervous. If anyone should be nervous it should be me. You're a very pretty girl you know?" You laugh at his statement. "Thanks. You're really...pretty too." TOP grins.
"Well then..." Suga says looking at the both of us. "Who wants coffee?" We all agree on that. "Suga can you go order while me and TOP talk?" You make a pout face. Suga looks at TOP, then at you and sighs. "Sure baby whatever you want." He leaves to order after giving us one final look. You don't seem to notice though as you and TOP start talking about his career. TOP glances over at Suga who's in line. "Hey!! Make mine without 'suga'r huh?" He laughs at his own joke. You start to laugh but then you look at Yoongi's expression and stop immediately. His face showed no amusement as he looked at TOP then at you. He looked annoyed, maybe even hurt. The expression didn't last long as he put on a smile. "Haha...Sure no problem hyung." saying it very coldly. TOP didn't seem to notice as he put his arm around my shoulders and continued talking. You feel uncomfortable like that but don't say anything at the moment. You and TOP are oblivious to Suga who's watching the both of you with clenched fists.

Suga doesn't like being ignored... Find out what happens next in the finale!! It'll probably be up tomorrow :)

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