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When people say anime is cartoons 😡. Or they say aren't u to grown up for that kind of stuff. Ahh, annoying. I've learned more from anime and manga than I have from living people. Respect anime, just because you don't understand doesn't mean it's wrong or just kids shows. ANIME IS LIFE! We are all people and allowed to watch and believe what we want. I assure you that anime can instill great qualities in people, more so than the horrible false information giving governments and lying general public trying to get a quick dollar. Anime is a lesson always that teaches us how to enjoy and love life to its fullest and to NEVER STOP DREAMING!!
@Rockron97 yes!! I 10000000% agree NAKAMA!! You are so like me haha I think the same thing my future isn't meant to be here. Once I graduate from college and finish learning Japanese I want to visit first then save up enough $ to move there. Sure we could afford atleast an apartment or condo to live in until we get jobs and then look into and study abroad and get into the manga/ anime business somehow, start from the bottom and work our way up. I'm totally with you!! Ramen for days!! Haha, your a true NAKAMA for life!!
@LuffyNewman 🎎Oh, lord, we have to go to Japan! 🎌 Americans are too lame for our future! 🐣IKUZOU! 🌠
@JustinDiaz yes!! NAKAMA same here it has influenced my life beyond words. It is life!!
PREACHHHH ITTTT Anime is life and only ignorant people who won't give it a chance talk bad about it. I have a lot of people who aren't into it but understand the influence it had on my life, so they say nothing.
lol hahahahaha im going to japan
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