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My brain is flipping
This is a small tidbit of my Korean vocab work. Stuff. Thing. Anyways in the past two days I have add about 2 more pages to my already existing 5 pages of vocab words. I am very proud. Until today when I have to use auto correct and Google because I can't remember some english words. I have completely switched the Korean equivalent to some English into my memory. Just typing this I have misspelled and forgotten some words. :'(. I love learning Korean and I think it's funny that I forgot how to pronounce refrigerator. So I just called it 냉장고 for a week and a half. Im happy that I'm learning but sad that I keep forgetting English I'm trying really hard not to but once I commit a word in Korean into my memory I either forget it the next day or forget it's English equivalent.
I forgot how to spell employee!!!!!!
Had to rewrite exercise because I spelt it: exsersive, exsersize, ecsersise. And close is spelt wrong!
Spelt there with an a so I had to fix it
I'm not trying to do it I'm not doing it on purpose It also doesn't help that I'm dyslexic But it all involuntary! (while typing this I forgot how to spell involuntary and had to ask my mom) X_X
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yeah its super confusing, I find it funny that sometimes I prefer to speak my other languages than my first one English
Same I (for some reason) feel not comfortable speaking Korean (although I'm not fluent) then English. And same for my Chinese also
I know how it feels since English is not my native language nor Korean or Japanese
see I want to learn both Korean and Japaneese at the same time but I know I would mess up
@LenaBlackRose if you truly want to learn you can't have that attitude about it you have to be 100% committed and even when it seems impossible work through it and push yourself to learn more