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You doing good? I'm glad :). This is Sara once again in her Vingle profile! By the way, I got some great news! I finished all of my exams and ended up getting -in one exam- a 93(the highest grade in my team, or grade level) and -in another exam- a 87(the second highest score in my team, or grade level). I got the news yesterday, I was extremely happy. I thought you would like to know. But anyway, that was yesterday. We are here to talk about the day before that. Anyway, in other words, I was had a extremely bad day. And by extremely bad, I mean that it had been years since I last got mad -like actual mad- and that I was close to hitting someone. Cause lets be real here, sone people just cant stand not being liars -one of my biggest pet peeves is when soneone lies....-. And I take it that most of you now know me as an easygoing person. I don't get mad easily, by when I do, I rage. I'm very friendly and honest, so I like to take things off my chest, and well, I have a very high pain tolerance both emotionally and physically. And I decided to make a card about my favorite KPop songs to calm me down or to make me have fun and not make me frustrated. Just like my KPopQuotes. To calm people down if they are having a bad day. *All of these songs will be fun and catchy, not calming. If you weren't looking for these, my apologies.

Starting of with the YG Family!

-Gangnam Style PSY Come on. I know this is cheesy, but this is a KPop classic. The beat is catchy, it makes you wanna dance your feet off, and well, the lyrics are somewhat hilariouly weird. Definitely a thumbs up when it comes to lifting up my spirits. -Fantastic Baby BigBang Another KPop classic. And I bet you 5 bucks that many of you all can relate on this one. That WOW, FANTASTIC BABY isn just something you don't say. This song certainly has a beat to it, and a feeling that all of us get to shake our legs. -Falling in Love 2NE1 Basically the rhythm this song has. Its unbelievable how weird we can feel warm chills in our spines to kinda move along the vibe. The songs are pretty cool too. The vibes are super "chill" as people call it. Its super adorable how this song can make someone smile. -Crayon GDragon This song. Yes, it is weird. I know. But, this song, its awesome for those lazy, irritated moods. It has this effect on me -I don't know about the rest of you all- that can make me have this smirk on my face as I go up to every one in school, and say: WHY SO SERIOUS?! Haven't done that yet? Try it. -Sober BigBang OK, the lyrics are pretty off for the the beat and tunes to it, but, the whole song is precious. Its really sweet, and has a melody that makes you feel at peace while having fun. I loved this song for this exact reason since the time I first heard it. -We like 2 party BigBang The vibes. The vibes. The viBES TO THIS SONG, OH MY GOD. I love it. Its beautiful, the songs own beat and tune and lyrics and well, basically everything about this song WILL. KILL. YOUR. ANGER. -Im the Best 2NE1 :By the way, have you all seen CLs new comeback? Check it out =:HERE:=! Anyway, I personally use this song to kinda tell me I am the best. If you read the lyrics to it, you will be surprised about how much it can make you feel like you own the world.

And now, the JYPs!

-Just Right GOT7 Feeling moody? Feeling ugly? Girl, you are perfect just the way you are. Don't change. Don't believe me? OK, listen to this song along with its lyrics. Tell me at the end what did you feel. All of us are Just Right. Don't forget that. -Bounce JJProject The beat to this, I can't even. Its make syou wanna bounce, legit. I don't care if you say this is old, I don't care if you say that this song is stupid. Its not. And even if it was, it would be Stupidly Fun. Listen to it. It'll calm you down :). -Back to Me GOT7 I honestly have no idea how or why I chose this song, I just remembered that of all my KPop songs in my phone, I would always go back to this one. Its got a cheerful tune, and the boys voices are very well heard and matched for this harmonic sound. It makes you smile and just bob your head. I Rate it a 20/10. -A GOT7 Just because, you are more than what you think you are. This song is super cheerful, and the video will definitely give you a couple of laughs.

Last but not least, BANGTAN SOYEONDAN!

*OK people, the explanations for these will be shorter, since the song and reasons are pretty obvious -Dope BTS The sing is -as stated in the name- Dope. The tune, it definitely makes you wanna jump. I learned half of this choreography just for the fact that I didn't know what to do, what to move, with this song. So, now that I hear it, I dance to it. Just saying that I couldn't keep my feet in place while listening to this. -FunBoys BTS Can I jut say, this was the first BTS song I had ever heard? The beGINING IS JUST SO. ARGH. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. Just listen to it, it will definitely drop you out of your mood. -We are BulletProof BTS

*self explanatory*

SOOOOO.... . . . . . .


I hope that made you kinda cool off and start dancing. Please, the world doesn't like to see mad people being sad. If you guys need anything, my inbox is always open. To talk about your problems, obsessions, it doesn't matter. Just, get things off your chest every once in a while, OK? Just so you know, I have problems too, I just don't tell them to anyone, cause well, nobody seems to care. But I'm here, in case you want to get something off your chest. Anyway, thank you so much for taking your time into reading this. I wish you the best. Please keep up with MY COLLECTION for more updates, a few helpful things and oH THE GOT7 PROJECT. MUAHAHA. I'm also thinking on making a WeekCountdown for the I Need U pt2 with every member per day. Does it sound good? To kinda cool off our hunger and gt that NEVERMIND, NEVERMIND. off our chest. Like, information each day for each of the members. Tell me if I should. I need to start tomorrow then. By wthe way, I will give you guys one hint for the next GOT7 card... . . . . . . . . Yes? . . . . . . . No? . . . . . . aren't you the tiniest bit curious? . . . . . . . . . OK. Here it is. . . . . . . . . . Jackson. But anyhow, Thank you all!

Have a great day/night!