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Got7 On Weekly Idol

Got7 is one of my favorite groups! Weekly Idol is one of my favorite variety shows. You can imagine my excitement whenever Got7 appear on the show. There are a few moments I'd like to highlight from the last time they were on it (basically the moments that made me giggle and then laugh uncontrollably until abs were forming).

Bambam vs. Girl Groups

The game is simple. They play a song and if you know the choreography for the song, you do it. The person who knows the most wins Korean beef. When the first song played, everyone knew it and had fun dancing to it. Then the song changed and eventually everyone sat down except Yugyeom and Bambam. Bambam ended up sitting down when a song came on and he couldn't follow Yugyeom anymore. Then- it happened! A girl group song came on and Bambam shot out of his seat and started doing the choreography (which was completely hilarious). Yugyeom tried to follow him but couldn't. Everyone lost it when he danced to Up & Down. And yes, our Oppa who knew all the girl group dances won that Korean beef. It makes me wonder how many times he watched those videos...

The Jackyeom Moment

I don't know if these two are already shipped together, but they seriously need to be. After JB was told he could share the Korean beef with someone after he won a game, he decided to have Yugyeom and Jackson do something incredibly cute for it. They had to put their arms around each other while the other members sang a cute song. Rocking their heads side to side, Jackson wanted Yugyeom to look at him while they were doing it and said in the cutest way "Look at me!" (in Korean of course). He also made the cutest face! I've been saying cute a lot... But there's no other word I can use to describe it!

The Power Of Underwear

Apparently, underwear color is essential when it comes to Weekly Idol. Bambam was saved from the pain of JB's hand when it was shown his underwear color was purple. This meant JB could only use one finger to hit him with (which he was frustrated about). Also, Mark had red underwear which meant he got a redo and Jackson couldn't hit him. If you ever become an idol and get to be on Weekly Idol, be careful about your underwear color because it can seriously benefit you and prevent pain happening to your body.
So those were my favorite moments on the episode of Weekly Idol with Got7! What Weekly Idol episode is your favorite?
Omg look at Mark oppa in the last gif of Jackyeom! Someone is jelly!
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