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I'm so glad so many of you are actually playing. I'll try to make this game more interesting as it goes. But for now here are the results of Part 2!!!! New To The Game?? Here's Part 1 and Part 2

Path #1- Amusement Park

Path #2- Stargazing and a Picnic

Path #3- Takes You Out to An Expensive Dinner

He felt like impressing you and found the most luxurious restaurant. You enjoyed the treatment and you both had a great time. @Beccachu @Baekyeol27 @OliviaZenger @KellyOConnor @VKookie47 @hahabts @Defy24601 @szewwy @EleynaMorris @turnmetuan @MandyNoona

Path #4- Took A Hike and a Visit To Beach

Path #5- Night Out On the Streets and Clubbing

You explored the exciting streets of Seoul and tried a bunch of new foods. He even bought you all the kpop merchandise you wanted!! You ended the perfect night clubbing your heart out. @RavenQueen0810 @shashae5296 @BTSJimin7hearts @FlakiitaB @TLeahEdwards @saraortiz2002 @dlphn100grl @aedavie @LeighHolgate @JessAS @Lizzeh @Ilikepancakes @biancadanica98 @xxxtina @amortiz0101 @ElizabethT @Yongsongmi @memeirl @exokpop12385 @aishwaryashrest @xxKerrixx

Path #6- Stay At Home

You decided to stay at home and enjoy a night filled with video and board games. You ended the night with a scary movie on the couch. A perfect cuddling opportunity ;) @DesireeChucklez @panouvang123 @sierrakuper @SamanthaRae19

<3 <3 Hope you all enjoyed date night!!!!! Be on the lookout for Part 3.

but my hope is scared of rollercoasters 馃槶 we're going to be on all the kid rides 馃槀
My first date ever with Namjoon let us to Stargazing. It was really romantic we set outside on a blanket and tried to name some stars even though i failed, Namjoon for the most part was naming stars from left to right been the genius that he is. It was getting pretty late and Namjoon said he had another surprise for me. I wonder what it was. He told me to close my eyes and walked to me what was a romantic picnic. It seemed like he put a lot of thought into for there was lights on a tree and there was a lot of my favorite foods!! He sure knows how to win a girl heart. Are date ended there. and I cant wait to see what happens next! 馃挅
I kid you not this is the probably 5th love game thing where I end up at an amusement park I don't understand haha I'm Terrified of heights and rollercoasters in basically hobie when it comes to them
J-Hope at the amusement park.....I'm glad I brought ear plugs.
oh jin-ssi!! taking me out for star gazing and a picnic, you're so lovable xx
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