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Lets Learn Korean: Hello/My Name is___ /Nice to meet you
Hello ! So a few months ago I paid about $60 for an app to teach me Korean and I thought I should share some things I've learned !
Today We will be learning how to say "Hello , My name is ____, it's nice to meet you" . So let's get started! •안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)-Hello •저는 (name)입니다 (jeoneun (name)imnida)- I am (name) •반갑습니다 (bangapseumnida)-Pleasure to meet/see you •만나서 반갑습니다 (mannaseo bangapseumnida)-Nice to meet you •반갑다 (bangapda)-To be glad (to meet)-Dictionary Form •반가워요 (bangawoyo) - Standard Politeness Level •반가워 (bangawo) - Intimate Politeness Level •만나서 반가워 (Man-na-seo ban-ga-wo)-Nice to meet you •만나다 (mannada)-To meet •처음 뵙겠습니다 (cheoeum boepgesseumnida)-Nice to meet you / how do you do The nice to meet you ,are used for when you literally meet someone for the first time . I hope you guys enjoyed it! I will be posting more if you guys would like 😊
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