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Okay so I been wondering! Does anyone else think that YG and CL pushed back her America debut for Jay Parks worldwide? Because honestly I think she did, to see how people would take Jay Parks album, cause Jay is one of the kpop male that can take over both kpop and American music (in my opinion) he lived here in the US and he always had that American style to his music. So he can definitely dominate both!
So after seeing how well everyone reacted to Jay parks worldwide she decided to debut hers! CL is the female kpop idol that can do it, she got the attitude and drive to do it, just like Jay! And now that she debut in an American style, can Jay and CL do a collaboration?!?!?! Like they would kill all the charts!! It be great!!! Do y'all thinks she pushed it back to see for Jay's album? Should Jay CL do an American style kpop collaboration or even a full English one even?? Let's here your thought!
I love Jay! And CL is queen them together........that would probably be the best thing ever!
It really would be lol @Jiyongixoxo