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Akatsuki no Yona: The Dream Team!
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@tbell2 I haven't watched Food wars yet just because they make me wayyy hungry!!
@sosoaloraine23 hahahaha yeah they do but I seem to have learned a few cooking skills and tips from the show. haha CX But its super intense for a cooking anime and hilarious.
@tbell2 What anime are you watching now? I'm watching Plastic Memories episode 7!
@sosoaloraine23 well rn I'm watching Haikyuu! and Noragami second seasons, and zetsuen no tempest and rewatching Pokemon Battle Frontier (cuz my favorite season is Hoenn, hate sinnoh, but l don't mind the rest [of course can't hate kanto and Johto they rule!] except the two latest regions, havent really gotten into them)
@tbell2 Cool! I have a lots of animes to catch up!