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Kpop does make me feel better when I'm depressed. I'm in a fight with my mom because my anutie won't leave me alone. Every single thing I do she must say something, everything I say she tells my mom that I'm being rude. Since she came she is making my mom hate me. Kpop is the only thing that make me happy when I'm sad and the way the idols sing it's like they care it makes me feel like I don't have to worry about my life's sadnesses. So I want to thank Kpop for being their for me✌️✌✌✌✌😊😊🙂🙂😊🙂🙂😀😀😚😃😄😃

Thanks ✌️✌✌

Kpop doesn't make me feel a little better, it totally heals me.
makes me feel better, too. morning, noon, night, Kpop makes everything so much better. (hence why I bought the shirt at allkpop the shop: all i need is coffee and kpop.)
i feel this on a spiritual level, no matter what mood I'm in kpop always lifts me up I start dancing or humming along. I've. been to a few kpop concerts and when I listen to there songs I get all bubbly and tingly inside because I had the most amazing moments there....I have problems with my auntie i live hours away from my family so i stay in thhe city to work, we just dont see eye on things and that causes conflict, but life will goes on right now it's a rough patch but keep your head up \^~^/ it will get better with time!
even my customers at my shop love the Kpop that I play. they say it just makes them feel free even for just a few minutes at a time
and I don't think your mom hates you. its really hard to be a parent
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