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@VinMcCarthy This is tough, but if I had to choose one anime to watch forever, it would be Fairy Tail. I feels like Fairy Tail has a little bit of everything
There are happy moments
Funny Moments; Happy cracks me up and Natsu's motion sickness face is hilarious
Awesome Moments
and Sad Moments
It's always good to have variety in an anime not everything has to be serious and not everything can be laid backed; I think fairy tail is at the perfect amount in this sense; it keeps it exciting; also in all honesty; I've never watched an episode of fairy tail and felt like it was a filler episode, which I'm sure there are, but is not as obvious like in naruto or dbz. Still love 'em though :)
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awesome pick! I love you're reasoning for it all. fairy tail definitely does have a mix of all the best parts of anime