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Another all-empowering movie that captivates audiences with the powers of will, determination, and strength between two clashing entities in the world.
The forest is filled with many wonders and if you're lucky you might be able to see them. Now the humans of Iron Town and the spirits of the forest are at war because of their pride, greed, and entitlement.
Ashitaka, a prince, leaves his village after being cursed by a demon and is in hope for a cure. He reaches Iron Town where he meets San, Princess Mononoke, who tries to kill the leader of Iron Town, Eboshi.
The battles between the Wolves and the humans ensue. If you're looking for some action and gore, this is your anime movie! c:
Eventually through all of it, even on opposing sides, these two fall in love and are willing to sacrifice themselves together in order to appease the Forest Spirit and save the world!
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I hoped you did too! :3 Comment below your opinions about the movie.
I love this movie. it always makes me cry tho
I watched it yesterday 馃槀
This is my favorite Ghibli movie!
I loved this movie too, but the Deer God... It was NOT a deer. Not even close to being a deer