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I got this amazing concealer from Korean brand Too Cool for School just yesterday. From the very moment make-up stylist applied it to my skin, I decided to defenitely buy it!! It is super light and covers all your blemishes and dark circles. It is very vital for me since I have acne scars and quite visible dark circles. Also, I am in looove with packages. Too Cool for School is very unique in terms of packaging, and regarding this concealer I received it in nice retro style envelope. If you have any question as where to purchase it or colors they have, don't hesitate to contact me :)
can you put pics of your before and after
Hi~ Could you tell me if this product will make my skin look cakey or splotchy?
I love how just buying one product can make you so happy! :D this looks awesome
@marshalledgar as I mentioned I got it from Too Cool from School in Korea. They have website so you can purchase it from overseas as well if you don't live in Korea hehe
Ok thanks @danoka04
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