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HELLO CRAZY NERDS! Maybe I should call you guys Awesome Nerds like in Pitch Perfect. That's what she says right? lol well I don't know but I'm calling you guys AWESOME NERDS! ANYWHORE! It's time for a J-HOPE, Hobi, or Hoseok (Depends what YOU call him) Imagine! NOTE: I know some of the pictures won't match because it's not the same girl or the same coat but just bare with me.
SETTING: Beautiful Winter in Seoul Korea
'It's FREEZING COLD!! Why did I choose Korea to spend my Christmas vacation?! I didn't think it was going to be this cold.' I mentally cried to myself. I had just walked out of a Starbucks because I needed something to warm me up. I walk over to the street light post waiting for the walking man symbol. "AISH! Why did I want to look cute? My legs are frozen, my hands I'm not even sure if they're still living, and my nose is numb and red." I sadly say as I hit the side of my head. "It's so cold my brain is frozen." I give up on the walking man to pop up that I just take a different route. It was too cold just to stand in place like a frozen statue. Now how do I get to the Christmas Tree? "I have," I look at my watch, "4 hours to find the Christmas Tree so I can see EXO at the K-Pop Christmas Festival. Don't give up on me now legs!" I point at my legs and begin to walk in whatever direction according to my phone.
I swear there's more traffic here than where I live. RED HAND CHANGE ALREADY! I frown at the stupid light and bounce up and down trying to keep myself warm. I had already finished my coffee half an hour ago so I had nothing to keep me warm. I exhale into my hands trying to keep them alive. I turn to my left to the person who just spoke to me in KOREAN! I knew I should've taken those lessons! "Oh, I'm sorry...I don't know...what you just said." I apologize awkwardly to the guy. He smiles, "You cold?" he rubs his arms so I can understand him clearly. "OH! Yeah I am." I smile back at him. "First time here?" He asks again. "Yeah, Christmas vacation." I rub my hands together to keep them warm. "You here alone?" Right away my mind goes to the movie TAKEN. What do I say? I don't want to be a bitch and just ignore him, but at the same time I don't know him. I laugh nervously, "Uh, yeah, I am." "Oh cool! I'm J-Hope." He gives a quick bow. I return the bow, "I'm (Y/N), nice to meet you J-Hope."
"Here you stay warm." J-Hope removes his coat. "No, no it's okay." I assure him. "No, it's okay." He places his coat on me and I thank him. Now J-Hope is only left with two sweaters and a beanie. "Where you going?" J-Hope asks. "I'm trying to find the BIG Christmas Tree." I angle my hands together to form a pointed tree. "I'm going to see singers perform there." I make a fist to show as if I was holding a mic. "Oh I'm going there to." J-Hope smiles brightly. "I take you?" He offers. I smile in relief. "If you don't mind I'll be very thankful for that." "C'mon this way." He says.
J-Hope, I learned his real name is Ho-Seok, has been such a gentlemen to me and I felt so terrible for judging him when I first met him. He has bought me lunch and supper and has showed me around this beautiful city. He even bought us each a surgical mask to keep our faces warm. I actually warmed up from laughing and smiling so much with Hoseok. I felt so warm that I had his coat folded in my left arm while my right arm was hooked with his left arm as we walked. At first talking to him was a bit hard but as the day went on it got easier. Even when he spoke to me in Korean I understood him; and he understood me when I spoke to him in English. It was like if we had a special connection. I looked down at my watch and it was an hour til the concert began. "Hoseok, it's time for the festival." I point at my watch. He nods his head and we pick up speed to make it on time.
The Christmas lights looked so beautiful as we passed them on our way to the festival. As the night got colder; Hoseok and I grew closer to each other. Now my hand was being held by his in his pocket and I couldn't help myself from blushing. At first this day was turning out to be terrible but now it turned out to be one of the greatest nights in my life. I never thought coming to Korea would be this much fun.
"Ya, (Y/N) we're here." J-Hope wakes me up and sets me back on the ground. My feet had begun to ache so Hoseok offered to carry me the rest of the way and I had fallen asleep. He grabs my hand and pulls me to the front of the stage where GOT7 was beginning to ready to perform. He smiles at me and gives me two thumbs up and I just giggle and smile at his energy. The whole GOT7 performance Hoseok and I were singing along and dancing to Jingle Bells and other Christmas songs.
FINALLY the group I traveled across the ocean for ran up on stage. I was so excited I had the biggest grin on my face. "(Y/N) I'm sorry but I have to go." Hoseok says while letting go of my hand. "I'll be back I promise." "Where are you going?" I ask but it was too late he was already gone in the crowd. Where did he have to go? "ANNYEONG WE ARE ONE!" EXO began saying their greeting. I wanted to be happy and excited but I wanted J-Hope to be happy and dancing beside me.
I was about to leave the festival when I heard a familiar voice. I stood on my toes trying to look over the crowd to find J-Hope but I just couldn't see him. The crowd began to get louder as more of the members of the group that was performing next jumped on stage. "YO! LET'S GO!" I swear that sounds like Hoseok! I turn around to face the stage and I found him. He was on stage with six other guys performing. They were so full of energy; wait this means that! OH MY GERD! I spent a whole day with an Idol; but he didn't even seem like an idol he was just Hoseok to me. Can this be happening? Did I fall for Hoseok in just the few hours we spent together. Will Hoseok and I still be able to spend time together or would I have to pretend that today never happened? The whole BTS performance was amazing. I have never seen a group with so much energy and giving it their all to get every move down.
Since the performance was over I was debating whether I stay and wait or if I was just lucky this once. I sigh and swing back and forth on my heels. He did say he would be back; he promised that he would be back. What if he couldn't get away from his guards? Maybe there's too many fans that he wasn't allowed to leave? I look at my watch for the third time. It's been 15 minutes since everyone left and he still hasn't showed up. I should have kept his coat. I rub my arms and exhale into my hands as my teeth chatter. (Y/N) let's just go he's not coming. I turn away from the stage and begin to walk away slowly with my head down. I see a pair a feet stop right in front of me. "Where you going?" I look up at see J-Hope with a Rudolph nose and small red antlers. "I promised." He walks up to me so there's no space between us. He removes the red nose and looks me right in my eyes. "When I promise I keep my promise." After he says that he leans down and kisses me. BEST CHRISTMAS VACATION EVER!
J-Hope Imagine requested by @Ercurrent I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you like and hate about it!! This is my first J-Hope imagine even in my head lol Let me know if you want to be kept in the tags or taken off or added into them @VeronicaArtino @amberg171997 @LenaBlackRose @DreaG1518