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Hello my loves. So your wondering who I am talking about well why of course its Lee Jihoon (Woozi) from group Seventeen.
There he is. Isn't he so cute well I should say manly.
He's manly remember.
1. One thing I love about him is his stares, how its can be so cuddly then intense in a second. 2. His songs are just wonderful. 3. How can you possibly hate this cu-anly thing.
He worked hard even when hurt. He's a strong man I tell you that. (This is when Jihoon had his wisdom teeth removed he still trained, video is on youtube if you want to watch it.)
Tell me how you can't love this little bunny?
I always want this smile on this boys face. Never to be gone, I want happiness to fill his growing heart that gets bigger day by day.
Even if he doesn't like showing his aegyo much he still manages to do it unknowingly. Making us swoon and squeal oppa.
This boy is my ultimate bias, this man right here beat 250 other men and zoomed up to first in just a few hours. 오빠, 생일축하합니나!!! 사랑해 오빠!!! One more thing before I go. If you ever have a sad day and I know im going off topic but remember and keep this in mind I love you and Jihoon oppa does too. @SeventeenAdoreU