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This video is very intriguing. Two people are blindfolded and ask each other questions. At the end of it all, they reveal themselves. I think this is quite an interesting way to meet and learn about people. I would definitely participate in this. Heck, I would ask you questions about your life and experience. I have to admit that sometimes I judge strangers on the street for no apparent reason, maybe just my imagination playing. However, I will try to understand and learn about people once I am conversing with them. However, I feel as if some people are nervous to share or that they are not truly themselves. I do think that if we let go of what believe of someone and just purely listen to them, wholeheartedly, we can establish a more pure conversation.
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In my opinion, people should never be judged by their looks. It's just a shell we didn't choose. I'd rather put my interest in their environment ( friends, job,hobbies, family,) and then I'll know who they are. it's a hard learned lesson for me.
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I'm in love w a man that when I first saw him , sadly to say, I wasn't attracted to him at I got to know him , his goals , his personality, he became attractive to me in so many levels that I've ever been in attraction to anyone. it opened my eyes a lot. I go by how my energy feels around people and I'm so happy around him our long conversations so safe to say you can never judge by looks
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It is wrong to judge people only their look you will only find the injured, including the results of ...
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Pretty sure everyone subconsciously judges people by looks, but am I the only one who, like, on road trips and stuff, sees people and gives them backstories or like gives them a super mega alter ego ? ? ?
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@KaityBliss there should be more people like you haha @UKissMeKevin I do notice that some people want to be accepted and display their alter ego as such.
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