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So in this ONE PIECE THEORY, i will talk about Shichibukai(warlord) Mihawk's true possible that has yet to be seen or even heard of. SO HERE IS IT! As WE KNOW, Dracule Mihawk is based on the famous vampire Dracula....
AND Dracula was based on Vlad the Impaler the Holy Knight. Vlad the Impaler the medieval Romanian prince, whose insatiable thirst for blood inspired the legend "DRACULA!"
He was a religious knight that fought in holy wars...
Just like Vlad the Impaler, Mihak also seems to be holy.....
His religious symbolism also connects to his powers...
I believe Mihawk's Blade is a cursed Holy Sword...
In one piece movie 5, the main vilan used a cursed Holy sword. The sword eventually took CONTROL over his mind. This is not canon, but it does provide us with interesting information on what cursed blades actually do.
As we know, Zoro has a cursed blade as well, this is why many speculate Zoro's Asura to have ORIGINATED from the curse blade.
If it was shown in a movie that a cursed blade leads to a spirit, then why cant it be the same for zoro's Asura? What other power could Zoro have got form the cursed blade? it has to be ASURA....
Even in japanense legend, Muramasa cursed blades are considered to lead to possession of entities.
Muramsa was an ANCIENT Japanese swordsmith who, according to legend prayed that his swords would be the "great destroyers" Because the exceptional quality of his blades, the gods granted his request and imbued them with a bloodthirsty spirit that-if NOT stated with battle-would drive the wielder to murder or suicide. There are countless other stories of the Murasamas' weilders going mad or being murdered. The swords were believed to be cursed, and were banned by imperial Edict.
This is why Zoro's Asura is a result of a CURSED blade, and Mihawk has a similar transformation..
Yoru is a cursed blade, but of a different breed than zoro's Kitetsu. I believe Yoru is a holy sword that has the curse of turning Mihawk into a demon-slayer.
The blood of the blade seeks EVIL, and hence why it is considered the strongest blade.
IT has turned Mihawk into a religious DEMON HUNTER, just like the famous Vlad the Impaler who he is based on. Its also makes him a figurative vampire since the spirit of his sword wants the blood of the evil.
Zoro "the cursed Demon" versus Mihawk "the cursed Demon hunter" ITS a perfect contrast.
i believe Mihawk's sword was made in ancient times to counter the demons that arose from the cursed blades.
The sword contains a sort of vampire spirit that loves the blood of demons or any evil person. Mihawk managed to control it just like Zoro has managed to control ASURA...
The green energy represents the holy AURA of the sword spirit
Many also think Cavendish has a cursed blade which causes him to turn into Hakuba,
This parallels Zoro's transformation to Asura. I believe Mihawk also has a transformation.
Just like Cavendish and zoro, Mihawk will also have a UNIQUE transformation from his cursed lade. It will allow him to resemble an actual vampire with wings.
His wings will also match his hawk eyes. I'v always believed his hawk eyes have foreshadowed him being able to flu. That bat wings would suit his eyes perfectly
AlSO, would explain the coffin on his craft......
The vampire spirit would also explain why Mihawk chooses to live in such a dark and gloomy place...
CONCLUSION: Mihawk's Black Blade is a cursed holy sword. His religious symbolism represents the desire to destroy that arose from the spirit of his holy sword.
The spirit is a vampire that craves blood of demons and gives mihawk a vampire transformation just like Zoro and Hakuba's transformations..
Thank yo all for reading lemme kno in the comments wat all u guys think! :)
@UzumakiJess. ty!!馃榾
@LuffyNewman ty bro, anytime glad u liked it NAKAMA 馃榿
Thanks! Haha, I couldn't remember. Awesome theory though! @Jasz
@UzumakiJess it was shuusui the samarai sword zoro got
Which sword was it on Thriller Bark again? I can't remember.
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