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Do you know that feeling where you just watch over old Kpop group videos.. And you just really miss how things were a few years ago..?
Soo.. Today I watched Kris's movie "Somewhere Only We Know." And he made me really miss EXO, OT12! ❀️
I still can't get over the fact that Kris oppa, Luhan oppa, and Tao oppa have left. I really miss them being in EXO. It doesn't complete EXO. 😩 I've watched Kai oppa crying over and over again.
EXO's song Promise, is really something. It's such an emotional song.. It hits me right in the heart all the time. I'm sure that it also hits my EXO oppas heart more than it does mine. I just can't bare to see EXO without Kris oppa, Luhan oppa, and Tao oppa. And I especially can't bare to see the rest of my EXO oppas cry.
There was so many times where Baekhyun oppa still mentions about them being a 12 member group.
And before Luhan oppa left, OT11, talked about what is a brother. Awwh.. I just really miss my EXO oppas!!! 😒❀️
Their Exo'luxion concert earlier this year, when they all sang Promise, made my heart pain so much, because all my oppas were such in pain singing the song. And the fact that they were emotional and crying. And Sehun oppa, the maknae who is very sensitive did not know how to react after crying because not only all the EXO oppas whose been through so much, he has been through more.. After receiving so much love from his hyungs and having some disappear.
No matter if EXO separates into their own ways, I'll always support them! Fighting EXO! ❀️
Miss you all Kris oppa, Luhan oppa, and Tao oppa. I wish you are all doing so well and are happy in China! I wish to meet you all one day. You'll forever be in mine and EXO oppas heart! LLove you all! ❀️
This made me cry so much πŸ’”
thanks for hurting my more.
@CloverShadows I've hurt myself too. 😭 Sorry.. 😩
my heart hurts..