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Just finished watching the first 4 episodes of this awesome anime reboot. The art style is amazing and very crisp. I can tell why some people would prefer the original style, but I think, given that the Digidestineds grew up, the new style is appropriate. Reminds me of "The Girl Who Leaped Through Time", "Summer Wars", amd "Wolf Children". Well, along those similar lines.
Astonishing fighting sequences and of course a bit of a romance phase with some of the characters. Don't wanna spoil anything, so you'll just have to watch it. :D
Oh Sora, what will she do? And what's this? Mimi and.... XD
The storyline is definitely a reminiscent of the classic Digimon but with new character development. This is because the same characters we grew up with, also grew older. Most of the fighting has taken place in the real world and Taichi is having a hard time trying to figure what he needs to do to protect the people and get rid of the infected Digimon. The sound and score of the show is amazing and very memorable. I love the theme song that I made it into my ring tone. XD

Trailer and More

Hope you guys enjoyed this short blog. I have the trailer attached. So if my words didn't inspire you to see the new series, then hopefully this trailer will. Also, I put a link to the first Digimon movie. Enjoy guys! Let me know what you think of the new Digimon Adventure Tri in the comments below. Bye for now. :)
woohoo! @crimsonsasuke definitely go for it! So far it's really good. and thank you! :)
I really can't wait to start watching this! Thanks to this card I kinda wanna watch it even more.
@kayelam the feels!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. @LivingDeadGuy Oh no! I know you'll see it! you got 3 out of 4. :)
@SparkRIDE ik it's going to be great:)
I just finished all 4 episodes too:) they were amazing!
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