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Hello Bi+ches - CL
If you didn't know CL new song is out "Hello Bitches" and it's free on soundcloud
Here's the vid for you guys! I am beyond excited for this to go big! If you didn't know already I'm a big fan of CL so.. Show her some support... Watch this, share it, show it to your friends, download the song, play while you're driving, sing it, dance it, but most importantly keep watching this vid instill your eyes can't watch no more! follow her on her IG, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, subscribe to 2ne1 YouTube channel, follow ygfamily on Twitter... You can see more
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CL is and forever will be queen I know this song is gonna be huge!!!she slated life to the max!
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so many yes I can't yes queen has not let me down in any way
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Thanks you guys for the support! ! I love hearing from my Queen's supporters πŸ’‹
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