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BTS Bias??
Honestly if you didn't know jhope is my bias in bts! look at this guy he's too much!!
and so cute im done with my life bYe who's your BTS bias?♡
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jhope is so cute tho.... I like him too
2 years ago·Reply
you can't really have a bias in bts tbh so just love them all!😂🙌👍 @RaviDoll
2 years ago·Reply
@mouniq yea its smart not to have one but it accidentally happened and I can't get out. Hobi is very cute and its bad he shouldn't be lol jkjk
2 years ago·Reply
Ha has an amazing personality. I admire him :)
2 years ago·Reply
me too!!😁💕 @abiersack666
2 years ago·Reply