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Once again both jiggzy and I are so busy that we decided once again, to save time, we would just make a playlist together ^^
So here is a list of songs we both like to listen to at night :)
So hop aboard the boat to dreamland by plugging in your headphones, turning the volume down a bit and just relaxing ^^

1. Because Night Is So Precious - Yu Seung Woo

(Also called "Night Thoughts")

Yu Seung Woo is waaaaaay too underrated, if you like this you should really check out some of his other music, you won't be dissapointed!! ^^

2. 피노키오 (Pinocchio) - Roy Kim

Roy Kim does such an amazing job with this song!!! ...has anyone seen this drama? If so should we check it out?

3. Can't Be Friends - Jack Kim

From the OST of the Taiwanese Drama "Murphy's Law of Love" which is totally awesome, and if you haven't seen it, you totally should because it is awesome!!!

4. Younha - Pray

Younha has such a beautiful voice, this is definitely one of our favourite songs from this year!!! It's from the OST for the Drama "Who Are You School 2015"

5. FOR YOU - Afternight Project

So Many Drama OST songs on our list XD Still, this song is so good, we couldn't leave it out ^^

6. Love Me Again - G.Soul

This man has a pretty impressive set of pipes ^^

7. Regrets - K.Will

This man also has an impressive set of pipes!!! (That means he is a good singer, in case you didn't know)

8. Waiting - BoA

Going back a few years with this one, still such an amazing song though!!!

9. Solar System - Sung Si Kyung

(Also Called "Revolution")

jiggzy19 falls asleep almost immediately to this song, its just so relaxing :) ...I'm actually She's actually having trouble staying awake while I type this XD

10. Lost Stars (cover) - Jungkook

We both feel that this is better than the original version of this song ^^

11. Reply (Feat. Park Younha) - Kim Sung Kyu

(Also called "Casual Conversation")

...The sweet...and their voices work so well together!!!

12. Never Change - Kimberley Chen

So this is a bit of a guilty pleasure song...the lyrics are slightly strange, but at the same time sweet, and this song is very relaxing :D

13. Therru's Song (From the movie "Tales from Earthsea") - Aoi Teshima

This is like a seriously brilliant Lullaby...and if you haven't seen this anime from Ghibli it is totally worth it!!

14. Starry Night - Standing Egg

Such a goood song!!! If you like it, you really should check out more from Standing Egg!!!!

15. River Flows in You - Yiruma

Ending on one of our favourite songs! Yiruma is a musical genius, this song is so beautiful and calming, and relaxing!!!
If you closed your eyes and listened to all of these on low volume, and managed to stay awake, then you are incredible... both of us nearly fell asleep whilst putting this card together XD
Thank you for reading this!!!
Credit to the owners of all the videos and the photos included in this card... WE DO NOT OWN THEM
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omg!! looove jungkook's version of lost stars and I think standing egg's cool. Heard their song on the drama plus nine boys