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I missed my old lens Signma lens 70mm-200mm 2.8 :( How do you guys think about those shot? 1. An afternoon in Sweden 2. An afternoon in Tampere, Finland. 3. An afternoon in Lille, France. 4. An aftenoon in Lille, France.
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@ouahoo yah, what you said also right ! it gives you the feeling of being deeply emotion. I forget to mention about that as well :) I am glad that you love my photos. I have not taking photo for a long time though. :)
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@sofiamuller758 then you should make more photos, even if I have no artistic skills, I deeply love art. It's always a pleasure to watch beautiful scenes :)
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@sofiamuller758 your photos? :D hahah that is my photos !
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@ouahoo i agree with what you said, black and white photos bring the silent, and a deep emotion feeling to the image. :)
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:s Here I'm confused, who made the photos?!
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