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I say this because everytime I'm on Twitter, my followers or any kpop fans don't talk to me like that.. I mean some have, I had convos with some of em before. But every time I get on Vingle and post something everybody notice me and talk to me and tag me in their cards etc.. I feel so loved seriously :') I love you guys ❤ everyone is so nice and cool on here. and of course I always return the favor, I show love to everyone :) I think I will make more friends on here than Twitter tbh haha like every time i post something on twitter I gets no love :/ if I do its only like 1 or 2 likes/retweets. oh! and its not easy getting a lot of followers of course because you either have to have a really popular fan page for one of your favorite idols, FA page, etc it goes on. but you don't have to have all that to get a lot of followers you can just be basic af and have a lot of followers lol not me.. but my point is I love being on here because its fun. Kpop everywhere and friends to talk to haha^__^
Imma go ahead and tag some of my awesome vingle buddies :] ❤✨@thepinkprincess @yongsongmi @sarangeseoltang @roxy1903 @poojas @nnatalieg @lextay327 @kpopandkimchi @ercurrent @creetheotaku @bacontaehyung @allobaber @Kieuseru @Helixx If you want to be tagged just let me know :) ❤
I've felt so welcome and accepted from the day I first joined. I spend more time here than on my FB now. I love all my real life friends, but my Vingle family just gets me in a way my other friends don't. We all relate to each other here. I love that! I love that I haven't met you, but I get you. And you get me. And everyone here is so supportive of one another. ❤️ I'd love to get tagged in the future.
I'm always up for being tagged!
Awwww the feeling is mutual! I always look forward to your posts (Dat Jay Park was liiiiife)! I'm glad I could meet awesome Kpop friends like you through Vingle 😭😄
We can all just come here and let out all our feels and fangirl/fanboy ness and people will understand and join us! 😁😁
Vingle family for life💜 I feel like we can all like each other without even knowing the person just because of the mutual interest that we have for kpop, I feel like I can be free here in Vingle and share my deepest interest and be accepted for it 😊
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