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I remember the first day my mother got a Facebook, mostly because I was the one who set it up to her after painfully watching type with an index finger, taking 10 seconds to look for each letter of the URL. That would be the beginning of what would be the most frustrating moments of mami having a Facebook.

1) "How Do You Turn On The Computer"

Here we go. Not only do you have to patiently teach mami how to use a computer, you have to constantly remind her where the power button is. And sometimes, if you're not home, she'll call you to ask you the step-by-step instructions of how to get to Facebook.

2) She'll Think Your Facebook Wall Is Private


3) She'll Say REALLY Personal Things

Facebook Status: "Heading to the gynecologist today! Woo! It's been a long time. Need to get the kitty cat checked ^_^"

4) She'll Tell You Dinner is Ready Via Facebook

[[Facebook Messenger]]
Me: know we're in the same room.
Mami: I know.
Me: You could have just told me in person.
Mami: ?????????
Me: Nevermind...

5) She'll Think Her Status Update is A Google Search Engine

"How do I find the Oprah website?"

6) You Can See All of Her Rants On A TV Page About The Last Episode On Her Novela

Little does she know, the whole world can see it. And when you bring that up to her, she'll call you a stalker. You try to explain why you can see it, and insists you're checking up on her. No mom, it's on my feed. Trust me, I don't want to see your rant about how you thought it was f*cked up that Miguel slept with Helena, because she looks like horse sh*t in a garbage truck...

7) She'll Actually Click On ADS And Wonder Why Computer is Going Crazy

And then comes the viruses. And the popups. And god know what else she has managed to add to the computer. She just doesn't have good judgement, and she thinks that clicking the ads will make them go away. I guess we just can't blame her, though. Some ads are tricky.

Maybe there needs to be a Facebook for parents only...

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@TerrecaRiley my mom too. she actually gets frustrated very quickly
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@ButterflyBlu when i think about who actually click on those awful ads...i think of people like my mom
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my aunt came to visit today so I could show her around her first android phone. She's threatening to put it away...poor aunty
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My dad would always just troll all my Facebook statuses. I'd be like "Feeling really homesick right now. Sometimes I'm not sure why we ever moved from New Jersey." and he'd comment like "WATCH JERSEY SHORE. THEN YOU WILL KNOW."
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