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Jungkook teased me for liking him and he winked at me

Its was times like this that you questioned everything. Where you only friends? Did he like more than a simple friend? Were you willing to risk everything over it? He was so determined to have you waiting at the airport, texting you at such a early hour. What could you do? Getting up at an ungodly time of morning, maybe it was still considered night, and driving down to wait. Standing in the terminal for an hour, people passing by and giving you odd stares, only for him to message you that the flight was delayed. You drove home after that, anger near boiling and your phone blowing up with messages of apology. They were all excited to see you, messages from all seven nearly sent your phone into shutdown mode. One mass text had them in silence, you'd meet them at the dorm and he was to call you when they landed. It was nearly December, snow was starting to fall in the early hours of the morning and be melted by noon. You liked this kind of weather, good enough to sweaters and leggings but not to cold where thick jackets are needed. Small snowflakes brushed across the windshield on the drive home, thick enough so wipers were required. It'd be some time before the call came and you choose to spend that time putting in some sort of effort. It was the perfect time to shower, the hot steam would clear you up and the cold morning would bring you back down. You took careful time with your hair, blow drying it until every strand was perfectly dry. You kept your makeup light, it'd be ruined if you put to much on. Braiding out your hair into a very loose and near falling out braid, you knotted it at the end. Finding something simple and cute and perfect for seeing him for the first time in awhile. The sun was out when the call came, they'd left the airport and would be home in just under an hour. The grin never left your face, your parents not even questioning when you walked out the door a second time that morning. The boys lived just a neighborhood over, a good thirty minute walk. It was plenty of time to get there and even had you beating them by five minutes. He was the first one to step from the van and at first he didn't see you there. You don't blame him, you were never normally dressed like this but today was the day. The day you felt like taking it further even if it meant making things awkward. When he spotted you, a grin covered both your faces and he winked causing yours to brighten. Biting your lip, you rushed the idol and he caught you with open arms. "Jungkook." You breathed into his jacket, grinning like an absolute fool. "Hey Y/N." He chuckled against your scarf and for a second you thought he was taking you in. The smell of your perfume, of your shampoo or washing detergent. "Yah! Don't we get a greeting like that?" Jimin yelled out, causing the two of you to hastily pull apart. You could've swore you saw a blush in the idols cheeks but you pulled into another hug before seeing properly. Each member gave you an affectionate greeting, being friends for so long made it normal and the paparazzi even ignored it now. Jin commented on your outfit, Hobi picked at you for being girly. Jimin just giggled and pulled at Jungkooks earphones. Tae bounced around the other two younger members and YoonGi wanted to take your scarf. NamJoon finally got everything settled with their bags and each boy took a few, heading up to the dorm. Everyone was tired, leaving for their rooms or laying out in the furniture. Jin went for the kitchen, offering snacks up because he knew you hadn't eaten breakfast much like the rest of them. Jimin and Tae took over the couch, starting up the games. You caught Jungkook in the hallway, holding him back as the front door closed. Leaving the two of you alone, shut off from the rest of the boys. "Jungkook, I-" "You're so obvious Y/N." He grinned for a moment ",You like me."
It'd been a week since your confession bombed, a week of embarrassing moments. Anytime you were with the boys, Jungkook teased you mercilessly. The others thought it was completely harmless teasing like it had always been but JungKook's whispered snickers told a different story. You planned to avoid their dorm for now, you'd get by in simple texts from them and an occasional phone call. Their schedules were starting back up anyway and with work picking up, not seeing them was beyond plausible. Except for today, where you lied and told them about doing something super important for work. You were laying out in the near empty upstairs room, your 'office'. Working as a choreographer had its perks, one being a completely private work room. Not many people knew of the small upstairs room but you could definitely tell what they were doing in the practice rooms, the studio downstairs had an abnormally loud sound system. Though it was muffled, sometimes the music below over took your ipod. Today was one if those days where you didn't have to be anywhere and yet you ended up at work. Groaning in complete frustration, both at your love life and the fact that even on off days you were working. Chalking it up to hitting that peak in life at only twenty, you tossed your arms over your face and drifted. It was some time later when a chuckle woke you from the most uncomfortable nap. Groggy and rubbing at your eyes, you sat up and was greeted with another laugh. Half lidded eyes met with the beautiful orbs that were his. "What are you doing here?" You deadpanned. "Coming to confirm that terrible lie." He fell back off his heels, sitting down just a step away "Why are you avoiding us Y/N? Or better yet, why are you avoiding me?" "I don't know what you're talking about JungKook." You shifted around, pulling your legs cross and fixing your hair. "Uh huh. Then why are my texts and calls the only ones you've been ignoring?" You gave him a flat look before standing. "You're taking me out for dinner tonight." "I am?" Jungkook raised his eyebrow, amused by your sudden boldness. "Pick me up at six." With that you grabbed up your bag and left Jungkook sitting there. - "Ah Y/N-ah likes me. Y/N-ah loves me." Jungkook sang out, walking in a zigzag a few feet ahead. Every now and again, he'd look back and wink, biting at his lip before turning around a singing out again. He was teasing again, trying his hardest to get at your nerves. Jungkook kept it up from the moment he picked you at your house until now. All throughout dinner he joked about how to treat the person you liked properly. How you should feed him the meat you'd grilled and you complied if only to shut him up for a moment. Your anger was at the surface but your head was cool, from the fact that you'd be friends for so long or the fact that it was cold out tonight, you didn't care. Jungkook was happy to have something to tease you over, something he knew would irritate you like no other. He turned down the alley that led to your doorstep, Jungkook was waiting for you to catch up. When you were close enough, he tossed an arm around your shoulder and started with his song again. You pinched at his arm and side but he would only laugh as he slapped your hands away. "Yah! Is that how you treat the person you like?" Jungkook finally stopped walking and turned you to, ready to scold. With whatever stupid amount of bravery you had, you smirked. Reaching up, grabving both sides of his face firmly. "No, this is how you treat them." You stood up in your tiptoes, pulling him down just the slightest and kissed him.
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I liked it! Make a part two!
That was fun:) haha now I need a part two!
This was so cute but I would have punch him if he kept on teasing me tbh 😁😬😁
I absolutely adore your short story, hopefully you have a continuation. 💖
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