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"Aloha! My name is Earl. (Actually, Earl is my middle name, but that’s what everyone calls me. Derek is my first name.)" On December 25th, 1999, he left the USA for a three-month, post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia. It’s now been over twelve years and that trip has yet to finish. The adventure has involved over 70+ countries (view the list here) on 6 continents, work as a Tour Manager on board cruise ships, two years in India, experiments with meditation, muse-creation, mountain-climbing and movie acting, volunteer work, an inappropriate amount of time on tropical islands and eating inappropriate amounts of street food, a two-day kidnapping, being placed on the US ‘terror watch list’, teaching English in Asia and a fruitless search for a pair of sandals with sufficient arch-support for my flat feet, among many other things.
he would be my inspiration icon from now on :)!!
@yinofyang thank you, if i save enough money, i would quit the job and go travel :)
@Tapsamai I wish you good wishes. I hope you do get to travel the world. :) @alise Yes, I am. I'm in photography school right now. Yes, I follow many photographers and their work, because I like to learn and see what works creativity creates.
He would be my role model from now on as well !!
@YinofYang : Are you a photographer? cause i saw u have a lot of good photographer !
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