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20 {random} Facts About Me
So.. I feel like a idiot cause it took me so long to think of 20 things about me. I'm like the most uninteresting person ever I swear. But here are some completely random slightly weird tid-bits about lil old me! Hope you don't think I'm a crazy person after reading this...


1) I HATE RACCOONS. Evil litte monsters. Look cute but in reality are just fluffy balls of hate and meanness. Don't be fooled! 2) I have a weird habit of locking doors. Everywhere I go it's just automatic, I have no idea why I do it to this day. 3) I LOVE to sleep! The longest I've ever slept is 18 hours straight didn't wake up once. It was amazing. 4) Conversely I also have horrible insomnia. Longest I've ever gone without sleep is 4 days and 3 nights. No lie I was on the verge of a mental breakdown I wanted to sleep so bad. (I have baked a cake at 2a.m. before. I call it The Insomniac's Late Night Bakery lol) 5) Kpop and Kdramas have taken over my life. I watch dramas almost every day and rarely watch American T.V. anymore. Of the 1,069 songs currently on my ipod 825 of them are Korean. No regrets.
6) I hate sneezing infront of people. I have a "bird" sneeze and everyone always laughs at me so now I just don't sneeze. 7) My favorite color is any shade of blue. 8) My favorite flowers are sunflowers. I don't like roses unless they smell like roses. 9) I can't girl, I'm horrible at girling. I don't enjoy shopping, I'm pretty clueless about anything but the most simple of make-up looks. Heels hurt my feet after ten minutes and I suck at flirting. 10) I LOVE BUBBLE TEA!!! Every flavor I don't care give it to me now! My favorite is Taro flavor though.
11) Hocus Pocus is my all time favorite movie. I watch it about 5 times every October or anytime I see it on T.V. I've watched it three times in a row before just because it was a marathon. Drives my sister crazy LOL! 12) I'm slightly obsessive about my nails. They all have to be the same length or it drives me absolutely insane and I'll keep fiddling with it until I can fix it. I also have a big nail polish collection. 13) I Loathe Mushrooms. The smell of them cooking makes me sick and they taste like dirt and gym socks. 14) I Read A Lot. Love books, any genre. 15) I Like to Cook and Bake. I make a mean beef stew that is almost just as good as my mom used to make. Muffins are awesome too!
16) I'm Secretive. I don't share my emotions and thoughts with others easily. I've been called an enigma before. 17) I actually have two learning disorders. Dyslexia a reading disorder and Dysgraphia a writing disorder. Basically I have a harder time with similar looking/sounding letters and numbers. 18) I've Never Been in Love. I have commitment issues. Not the staying with one person just being in a relationship really. Trust issues from past experiences I guess. 19) I Have A Dirty Mouth. Sorry there's no cure I've tried. When I try not to cuss I say silly things like Cheese and Crackers, Oh Cheese, or 진짜 (Jinjja ~ really)! (Is that hangeul right? I'm still learning.. correct me if I'm wrong please!) 20) I'm Socially Anti-Social. I like hanging out with my friends but not necessarily participating in anything they're doing. I'm more and observer and after an hour or two I usually want to go back home.

* BONUS! *

I'm sorry bunnies I tried rapping I really did but no. Just so much no. I can't even talk half as fast as most rappers rap... It was horrible and trust me I'm saving your precious ears from major pain. I just couldn't do it bunnies I'm not that brave. I failed ya'll.. So I'll tell you a really weird kinda morbid bonus fact about me. 21) Since I was about 6 or 7 years old I've been planning my funeral like other girls plan their wedding. I revise it about once every other year. So yeah random facts about me... hope I didn't scare anyone away. *looks around awkwardly* tagging bunnies: @AimeeH @destiny1419 @thePinkPrincess @Meeshell @Emealia @electica @jessicalnichols @Exoexo @ChelseaJay @SarahWise @NancyVongvilay @petname83 @MorganElisabeth @StephanieDuong @LexTay327 @VeronicaArtino @namjoonswife @DenieceSuit @nenegrint14 @ChristineO84 @punkpandabear @glo86


To all the bunnies that have commented on this card THANK YOU! You seriously brought me to tears. I was so afraid I was going to be judged for my weirdness but I should've had more faith in this amazing Vingle family we're all part of! Thank you for being awesome and so nice and I'm so happy and thankful I've met all of you!! 사랑해요!! Saranghaeyo! (i'm trying to force myself to use more korean for practice, any corrections are welcome!! lol and needed!) ^u^
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@LexTay327 it was a very beautiful thing! @BekiKunstman Bees are terrible winged devils I can understand why you hate them more! I'm glad you feel less alone, I do too now after reading all these wonderful comments! @Helixx I'm not OCD but it's almost every door I walk through that I close gets locked immediately without me even thinking about it. I'm glad your OCD has calmed down for you though. Cars doors get locked as soon as I get in but only after I've checked the back seats first.
2 years ago·Reply
du~de I say cheese and crackers too!! I thought I was the only one!!
2 years ago·Reply
@SarahWise nope I say it too!
2 years ago·Reply
@DawanaMason wow that's intense. I don't think I could handle it if my habit got like that. 😕
2 years ago·Reply
Oh I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Understandable why it developed to that intense of a habit.
2 years ago·Reply