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何時ですか What time is it? Adventure Time! I know, I know, it doesn't actually count, BUT, I bring anime art versions! So, allow me to talk about why I am in my 20's but watch and love this show! Also, how cool it would be if it were an anime!
There are many important experiences that characters go through on this show that kind of teaches you how to properly deal with emotional things, but what the Ice King and Marcelline went through is my favorite.
It was really awesome that the creators themselves decided to do a gender switch all because one of the storyboard artists drew a female Fin and Jake! They even went ahead and put a little tension between Fionna and Marshallee, which I totally ship! The way the creators worked her existence into the actual show was pretty cleaver as well. It surprised and impressed me!
Lastly, here are a few quotes and song lyrics from the show that I enjoy!
I second the motion! Adventure Time is great! Though sometimes I think the subject matter is geared more for adults than children. But then thats why we can totally relate. Im in my 20's too.
Fiolee! And that ant part tho X3
Was it cause the last one was too short? :(
the first three slides i like 👍