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I'm really boring so this won't consist of much... I love a good laugh, so I stay around crazy people and watch a lot of comedy. Comedy protects and comforts me after reality has finished beating me over the head...
This guy right here ↑↑ is my best friend. I can do crazy things to him,like take this pic after I was finished putting lightening creme in his hair (heehee). He cracks me up sometimes. Other than that he's my hero and that's why I married him.
Yup! I'm a foody! But I hate cooking. I love to clean though,so that makes up for it.
Well,that's a little tups about me. Can't think of anything else to add... My card was inspired by @shannonl5
I INSPIRED THIS?!?!!?! That's so awesome. I love this. Haha if we're ever in the same neighborhood I'll cook and you'll clean then because I love cooking and hate the clean-up, we'd be the perfect pair :D
you have a friend like my youngest daughter does. her friend did facials with her, dressed in a scarf that looked like a see through dress and even added toilet paper to the scarf to look like breast. even though they have a hard time admitting it they love each other. in a brotherly/sisterly way and would do anything for each other. they have known each other since 5th grade and her other two of this group. she is one of the guys they say. in high school they all went to different schools.
hey buddy!!
I saw yours and it made me want to make mine *inspired*
Girl!! you know the thing!!