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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Flyers by BRADIO (Death Parade)

One of the best anime from last season with one of the most memorable opening songs as well! This anime is pretty dark but man I loved the idea of making an opening like this for it. The anime is mostly about deceiving others and I gotta say, this song did it to the viewers and I didn't even care. The style of the song is charming and entertaining with that indie rock melody.

I can't help but dance every time I listen to this one!

As always, here's the original MV for the song and it's one of the most enjoyable MV out there with so many of Japans culture and randomness. Bunnies playing the trumpets, fireworks everywhere, a bar-like background (fitting to the anime), soooo many clones and even a choreography! Just make sure to watch this video~

For those who have watched the anime, LET'S DANCE! and those who haven't, make sure you check it out.

Everybody, put your hands up~

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Woohoo :D *dances* I enjoyed Death Parade a lot. Though I have to say the Opening op is a bit off with the flow of the anime. lol But who cares? It's a really good Jam tune. Plus the ending song more than makes up for any confusion, hehe.
@MaighdlinS exactly what I thought too xD how can I NOT dance to this? I was surprised the guy could sing so well xD
@MaighdlinS Right? xD @Danse Well the anime is misleading starting with the opening sooo Love it even more! ^^
this song is so catchy