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I've been wanting to post this for a while now, I literally just finished watching the netflix original series "the seven deadly sins" and... it's Sooo awesome!
Seven deadly sins This short anime series taken after its original manga is super entertaining! (I promise there are no spoilers or pics from any of the sins that come into the series later. this show has everything I like!
Giants : Diane the sin of Envy. Have you seen a cuter giant ever? standing at only 30 feet tall this member of the deadly sins and of the giant clan is no one to be messed with. I love Diane, and even tho she is "envious" towards the leader she is very lovable and sweet. she cares for others ,she is strong and has motherly earth powers that I love. plus I have not seen a giant in anything worth while for some time now and I really like her here.
Main male protagonist : Meliodas leader of the seven deadly sins sin of wrath. Meliodas reminds me of several anime characters all at once, I freaking love his attitude, his strength, his charisma, just everything. He is like a little Goku, he is pervi, sweet, funny, fun to be around, an all around go geter and extremely strong. Even tho he looks like a kid he is a couple thousand years old so sometimes people don't believe he really is Meliodas the deadly sin. This " little boy" strenght will impress.
The wolf: Ban the sin of greed. The coolest of the seven deadly sins, my favorite! ok but really what's with that clothes? lol I love red on characters but cheesh this is just.. yeah.. lets carry on. Ban is super cool, being with wolf like characteristics Ban really can't die as his body heels itself. He is super fast (like most characters in the show) has cools powers and a great back story witch we dont see with many characters here. Ban is the type of character that makes it into my favorite character list. He is careless, somewhat selfish, sometimes mean, but really loving as well.
The princess : Elizabeth Liones Main female protagonist The moment I saw her I felt like I wanted to cosplay her! she is super pretty! as far as her character, she is pretty clueless and gullible sometimes ( I talking about Meliodas going under here ) . She is woking hard to do as her dad the king told her to do and so she keeps strong in spirit.
The pig: Hawk I love this little talking pig! so adorable! plus I have not seen a pig as a pet in a little bit either so I like it =D he is super fun( it's a he but sounds like a she) Meliodas companion and business partner at the boar hat bar. He might not be super strong and his only power is cleaning up the scraps but this little piggy has a lot of heart.
Fairy : King "the king of the fairys" the wanted poster will mislead you, just as the picture of meliodas. Here we meet this little guy with a strong feeling of vengeance "in the beggining" but as the story goes you will see just how cool this character is. As the sin of sloth he is very lazy. He literally does no work at all and just flies around with his pillow and at command uses his weapon with ease. His technic is impressive actually. I like his child version better tho =D
Ships and more ships I love the relationships in the story, bans love story is super cute! king likes diane, diane likes meliodas, meliodas likes elizabeth.... omg! it gets crazy, plus all all side relations like rivals ban and king and the holy knights vs the seven deadly sins. All character back stories are so great! makes you want more of each one and it gets even better after episode 10. seriously have you started yet?
The holy knights There are so many !! this holy knight army is huge! and everyone has special powers (some more than others) also I love special technic call in anime. The whole story based around the holy knights and of course the (sins) so we get to see a lot of super fights. These are supposed to be the good guys and the sins are the" bad guys" hard to believe huh?
this anime is seriously a must watch! I just loved it! you'll even like the "bad" guys! I strongly recommend this one! plus it ends season with an obvious season to come, and if you really like it you can start to read the manga as well! this anime has so much win it! I already finished it so I dont want to ruin it for people and give away too much (like the rest of the sins which are awesome) the whole story gives it a spin and wow I just can't wait to see what happens next. all credit to meeeh since I took the pics on my tv lol except cover and gifts.
@NikolasSatterwh really do! its super entertaining.. I have not finished an anime in a week for a while but it's that good.
it's a great series!
@electica great to know definitely have to see it now
it's the best
Gotta check it out I've seen it on Netflix and have wanted to see if it's good so now I know
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