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Je ne regrette rien = I regret nothing

OMG THEY UPDATED IT IN @BTS_BIGHIT TWITTER!!! OMGOMGOMG I had a feeling they will post something!!!! HERE YOU GOOOOO!!! SO BEAUTIFUL OMG♥♥♥ They did a review in V app! They showed more pictures thereeee! LOOK AT THEIR HAIRRRR~ *cries* SO BEAUTIFUL.... Min Yoongi definitely rocks every hair, HOW?!
HERE'S SOME MORE FROM THEIR FACEBOOK! you can see all of them in facebook or in their website (
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Non! Rien de rien!
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@yewookyu Rien de Rien is a song by Edith Piaf. Its damn good haha I was surprised that bts posted the lyrics tbh
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@notgucci3 Wow didnt know that! thanks for sharing a fact~ that is cool!
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