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Have A Happy Keto Thanksgiving!
Who's on a keto diet? Thanksgiving is coming up, but it doesn't mean that your plans have to go to sh*t. If you want to take care of the food that's on the dinner table, but still want to have a good variety of keto-approved foods, Imma throw some ideas at you!


Mmm meat appetizers that are keto-approved.
This may include:
-Cheesy bacon bombs
-Bacon wrapped asparagus
-Deviled eggs
Try out these: Bacon Wrapped Avocado by @pipeline

Side Dishes

Keto doesn't mean it's just meat. You gotta get your veggies in!
This may include:
-Green beans
-Creamed spinach
-Cauliflower mashed 'potatoes'
-Roasted broccoli
Here's my all-time favorite recipe: Roasted Green Beans!

Main Course

These should be your bad-boy meats.
This may include:


Hey, Thanksgiving isn't complete without dessert! Even if you're doing keto...
This may include:
-Chocolate peanut butter truffles
-Peanut butter brownies
-Keto pumpkin pie blondies
Mmm-mm-good! Some keto pudding: Mexican Chocolate Avocado Pudding
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