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Remember the computer game? It was packed with educational fun -- focused on all sorts of subjects from geography to English. Wondered where Carmen Sandiego went? Yeah, I did too -- but she's actually back!!!

And it's called 'Carmen Sandiego Returns.'

“Carmen Sandiego Returns preserves the core gameplay, style and characters of the original game, while giving the brand a modern twist for today’s digitally-savvy learners,” said CJ Kettler, Chief of Consumer Brands and Strategy at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in a release.
Carmen is considered to be of Hispanic descent and The Mary Sue talks about how Carmen was a huge role model to young Latina girls. The site also mentions how Carmen "[was] the first major American pop example of mischievous yet beloved hero who also happens to be both woman and Latin American."
I am glad Camen is back!

The game was just launched on iPhone and iPad a few days ago.

about 6-7 yrs ago they had a computer game that I played with my kids.
omg that game was part of my childhood♡
I remember the game, I know the game, I've seen the game....but.... I never played it 😊
I totally played this. But I am not a nerd. Maybe I am, I'm not sure
YES OH MAN I LOVED THIS GAME. One of the early ones for me, back when I was a wee young'un
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