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BTS screenshot results. (not sure if I've done this once before but oh well)

alright here are my answers....:)
Crush: Namjoon Best friend: Kookie Boyfriend: Taehyung First kiss: Taehyung Secret admirer: Hobi Husband: Jin Hater: Jimin Love/hate relationship: Namjoon Weirdo: Taehyung Brother: Jimin
Story time!!! For years I've had a crush on Namjoon. He's just to cute. Even though every time we are together we fight. It's a love hate relationship. Kookie my best friend is very protective. He likes to keep an eye on everyone I like even if you can't see him. He can be creepy but that's why were best friends.
Kookie approved of me dating Taehyung since they were close as well and he knew nothing bad would happen with him..Taehyung was my little weirdo boyfriend who got my first kiss. It was an amazing first kiss, one that I cannot forget even if I tried.
One day after an argument with Taehyung, I found out that one of his friends along with kookie's friend Hobi had a crush on me... Kookie told me that he was my secret admirer and that's why me and taehyung had fought without me realizing why.
My brother Jimin took care of Hobi....
My brother was also my hater...but that's how our bond was. Even though he pretended to hate me he would do anything to keep me safe. Even if he is my younger brother.
I met Jin through them all. Of course I was still with Taehyung. After awhile we both just ended things on good terms. We are still friends today, but he knew before we made it official that I had eyes for Jin....
Once I was available it took no time for Jin and I to be together. We loved each other so much and we were happy. After a while of being together he had taken me to the first place we went on a date. He propose to me. Fwd>>>>1year Jin and I had just gotten married. He was my Husband and I was his wife. My one and only! Our love could only get deeper at this point.
Alright that was it. @AimeeH i cant rememver but im pretty sure the pick uo line pic was your creation. Right? So the creation of The picture of Jin and the Cutecumber pick up line goes to the creator AimeeH @AmbieB
I loved it!! haha yeass!! I plan on doing a series of them! XD
yes you should @AimeeH I had to add the picture cuz it fit perfectly lol
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