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It's just me reviewing this album as @jiggzy19 went to bed hours ago...I probably should have done the same, but I'm a night owl so I didn't XD
Moving on with the reviewing lol...


1. Fly With Me
2. Punishment
3. It's Raining feat. Maboos
(Also called Rainy Day)
4. Maker feat. HyunA
5. Be My Girl

1. Fly With Me - Roh Ji Hoon


Too Short...that's my only criticism, this should be a full length song...I always say that about album intro songs XD I guess I make up for it with the amount of times I listen to this on repeat though XD Everything about this is incredible, its so catchy and uplifting, it always makes me feel so happy^^
Overall I score this song 5/5 emoticon smiles
:) :) :) :) :)

2. Punishment - Roh Ji Hoon


This song was one of the first few K-Pop songs I ever heard, so naturally I absolutely love it!!! Funnily enough so does my Mum, although she, like me, is an avid K-Pop fan, so I guess it really isn't that weird XD Every part of this song is amazing, from the beat, to the rhythm, to the melody, to the vocals...I love it all!!! Even the spoken word part at the beginning of the song :D
Overall I score this song 5/5 emoticon smiles
:) :) :) :) :)

3. It's Raining feat. Maboos - Roh Ji Hoon


It's ballad time!!! Roh Ji Hoon does an incredible job in the vocal department with this song, and I feel that Maboos was the perfect rap accompaniment to them, I have no criticism of this bundle of emotional awesomeness, except that perhaps Maboos rap could have been's still an awesome song either way though ^^ If you have a good set of speakers or headphones, be prepared to feel the epic proportions of the bass in this song!!!
Overall I score this song 5/5 emoticon smiles
:) :) :) :) :)

4. Maker feat. HyunA - Roh Ji Hoon


HyunA's rapping in this song is brilliant, she is the perfect fit for a feature on this kind of song! To be perfectly honest I didn't like this song the first time I heard it...but It grew on me to the point of me legitimately loving this song now^^ I find the strange electric-cowboy feel to this song (especially in the opening) both hilarious and incredible at the same time!! Roh Ji Hoon does such a great job in this song. It's another one of those songs where you can't help but just being happy while hearing it^^
Overall I score this song 4.5/5 emoticon smiles
:) :) :) :) :

5. Be My Girl - Roh Ji Hoon


Closing off the album with a love song!!!! It's definitely one of the most listened to songs on this album for me. I just love everything about it, and I can never hear it just once, it must be repeated XD and there is no complaining from me about that!!! I love the beat, rhythm, melody, and vocals in this song, when they all come together there is no way this isn't getting stuck in your head lol, at least it always get's stuck in my head XD
Overall I score this song 5/5 emoticon smiles
:) :) :) :) :)

Overall Thoughts

I love how versatile Roh Ji Hoon is as an artist, as he showcased in this album, he is capable of songs ranging from upbeat dance tracks to emotional ballads, and he really does a brilliant job in any of the styles of music he attempts!!! From start to finish I adore every single track on this album, I can't believe I don't own the hard copy yet...this will be remedied shortly, I assure you ^^

Overall I score this album 5/5 emoticon smiles :) :) :) :) :)

Well that is my honest opinion of all the songs on this I being slightly biased...probably, but I seriously can't help it XD

If you want to know more about Roh Ji Hoon them you can easily do so on his main Artist of the Month card >>here<<
Credit to the owners of the videos, photos, and gifs included in this card...I DO NOT OWN THEM!!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this card of my very amateur reviews, I'm hoping I'll get better at it as I go along XD anyway let me know your thoughts in the comments below, do you agree with me? Or do you disagree? What would you score these songs? I really want to know ^_^
Until next time I'll leave you with this gif~