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So I don't know about my other fellow otakus but I'm so fucking sick of people who see that I like anime, and the fact that I want to learn Japanese and go to Japan, and just explore this wonderful culture that I've stumbled upon, and when people catch me in the act of this they go. "Oh so you think you're Japanese or something?" No. When the fuck.....did I ever go....look at me! I'm so Japanese because I know a few Japanese words and actually have an interest in Japan? Like fucking never. I started to like anime from adult swim when I use to watch inuyasha by staying up until like 12, and my mom use to let me watch sailor moon when I was little because She put it on once and it just never went off. (So I blame her. She did this to me.) But the reason I want to learn Japanese is not solely because being able to watch it with out the subtitles would be much more convenient, but I can't get into a language if I don't like the way it sounds and I LOVE the way Japanese sounds. But to say that I think in Japanese is just stupid. Tell me.... Does speaking Italian make you Italian? Does speaking German make you German? No? So why the fuck does speaking Japanese make me Japanese? It fucking doesn't. うるせ バカ
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I don't judge people unless they hurt other 😅
That's a good motto. Another is "If it's not about you then mind your business."
-puts clapping icon because i'm on my computer and don't have it :(-
I also hate when people are like "why do you have a fetish for asians" and you're just like "listen... listen.. okay sit down for a second because I'm going g to tell you something shocking. you ready? okay just because I want to learn their language, listen to their music, and watch their TV shows DOES NOT mean I have a fetish for them. I love their culture and I'm expanding my horizons. end of story*
Yo asains are cute tho >.> I mean they aint wrong xD they fine. lol
sorry, went on a rant. I hate when people do that
If you end up making your own post about it let me know. I'd read it
Hey everyone I'm sorry it took like a year for me to respond to every one this is my new account. I am Kira......Hitomi lol