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GOT7 delivers again with their latest MV "Confession." And omg I could not help myself from smiling during this song.
This adorable holiday-themed song is part of their MAD Winter Edition Album. Thanks GOT7 now I want to buy your album even more now.
Check the video out ^^ And try not to its impossible XD

What Do You Think Of It???

GOT7 was adorable as always and Sunjae was being Sunjae and his dancing around was too much like stop it. ALSO BamBam rapping made me weak. NEWLY 18 YUGYEOM LOOKING SO KAWAII. I can't help but squeal. BUT my favorite part of it was the actual students and the confessions because tHE BOYS. They were all so precious. How lucky must they be having these idols help them confess. but also let's be real the girls probably wanted one of the 7 boys to confess but shh we won't spoil the fun like that.
my heart is just a puddle on the floor right now! that was so sweet!! And the people confessing must have been so nervous! xD I wish the new couples many happy moments. ^_^
Thank you thank you thank you thank you @thePinkPrincess forghe tag.
Just letting you guys know: a very sassy, pretty arrogant, kinda cocky teenager cried tears. aka me.
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