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This is me. I'm trying to figure out how to make sentences on this app though.
Oh and go to they have a free sign up and you can take free classes online. I use their workbooks I buy off amazon along with it but I assume you could take your own notes. They do Korean from zero too.
Thanks! @Bri26. I'll use it! (^-^)
Yea. There are extra things you can buy but I haven't paid for anything. If you did want complete access, there are classes with teachers and things like that it's 14.99 this month. I just use the free stuff.
is it free? @Bri26
Download mondly. You can learn as many and any language you want. I am using it for Japanese and Korean. You can choose to study in romaji or kana or romaji or Hangul. It's the greatest app ever! Seriously.... Love it!
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