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Zombie Apocalypse?

Psshhh, that ain't hard when you've got Alucard *Insert crowd laughter here*
This one's pretty self explanatory. Alucard's the greatest vampire to have ever lived and he's had plenty of practice killing the undead. If his semi automatic .454 Casull and Jackal didn't scare off his enemies, his numerous abilities could do the trick. Just ask Luke Valentine.
This blood sucking hell hound is practically invincible. He can pass through solid objects, hypnotize, manipulate things, etc. He can regenerate no matter how bad the damage, which would make zombie attacks nothing but a tickle. He'd probably go to slaughter town on the poor bastards lol I think Alucard would have a heyday if the zombie apocalypse happened. I just gotta be sure to stay out of his way!
The End. :)
P.S. Go watch Hellsing Ultimate Abridged by Team Four Star!
@VinMcCarthy I know I'm still missing a card, I'll get to it at some point this week lol